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Marketing your Business with the help of Paper Roll Supplies

Paper Roll Supplies

Reverse printed rolls can be standard thermal or non-thermal and are good avenues for marketing and promoting a business. Most companies print out their logos at the back of paper roll tills. Designs may vary from the simple black text to multicoloured watermarks on coloured papers.

What are some of the most common information that a company chooses to place on their receipts?

• Office address
• Contact numbers
• Web Address

The major reason why such details are printed out is mainly to reinforce their brand and not really to make the consumers’ lives easier. This indirect method of advertising can possibly increase customers’ visits and thus increasing sales. By placing contact numbers and websites on the receipt, a customer is encouraged to purchase products/services once again. This is a good way to develop brand loyalty. Many businesses choose to include information that they want to share to their customers. It may include returns policy, dietary information, promotions and so much more.

Advertising these days can now be done through huge billboards, social networking sites and even through printed receipts. Receipt advertising can now be in graphical and text form. This will not only advertise the issuer of the receipt but can promote the 3rd party businesses. Stores may also want to promote their unique high margin or repeat products directly to consumers by frequently using the back of receipt for advertising.

Perhaps the most intriguing use of advertising is really for the issuer itself but for a non-competing business. If you look closely on a vending machine’s receipt, you may have notice an advertisement for a burger franchise at the back. This may sound weird but this can be a good marketing strategy for many businesses. This system can be very profitable for both businesses that aren’t competing with each other now or even in the coming years.

How much would it cost me and my business?

Cost aren’t as high as maybe you have guessed as more and more vendors online offer the same products and services. You can ask for a quote among your selected paper roll suppliers. A software and printing hardware set-up fee is usually charged at first. You need to give your supplier with the design or text of your choice and the colors that you want for your receipts. There is another charge for the cost of the paper rolls themselves which can vary on the amount of stocks you order and the colors that you have picked for your design.

Printed paper rolls serve a lot of purpose from brand awareness to additional revenue for the business. Get your own customized ad on order pads and guest checks now only at

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