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Inked Ribbons

Ink Cartridges & Ink Rolls

Hamco supplies high quality ink cartridges, ink rolls and spools that are used in dot-matrix impact printers. All our products meet or exceed OEM standards and specifications including character print.

Here are some popular Ink Ribbons that we sell:

Time Clock Ribbons Image Map

Please Call For Pricing. These are the most common ink cartridge ribbons. HAMCO carries any ink cartridge ribbon you need.

Every impact printer requires either:

  • Inked ribbon
  • Ink roll
  • Self contained paper roll

Hamco has all three

Inked Ribbons:

  • Spooled
  • Cartridges

Ribbons fit:

Ink rolls:

Self contained paper rolls:

Ribbons Supplied  in various colors:

  • All black
  • All purple
  • Black/red
  • Purple/red