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Paper Rolls

Paper Roll Supplier

Paper Rolls Supplies

For all types of businesses that use paper rolls, HAMCO has an extensive inventory ready for immediate shipment.

All rolls are packaged in Hamco branded blue and white boxes, guaranteeing the quality of the product inside.

Paper rolls – Types

Bond 1 ply
Carbonless 2 ply and 3 ply

1 ply white and colors
Bond 38MM to 4.5″ wide

Multi ply carbonless

38MM to 4.5″ wide
2 ply white/canary
3 ply white/canary/pink

Thermal Paper Rolls

38MM to 8.5″ wide
Standard weight and heavy weight
Preprinted for Laundries

Self contained
2 ply 2.25″ and 3″ wide

Paper rolls used on or by:
Financial institutions
POS printers
Cash registers
Calculators and Adders
Fast Food
Retail stores
Gas Stations
Convenience stores