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Thermal Paper: An Innovation in the Restaurant Industry

Thermal Paper: An Innovation

It is a fascinating thought that something as simple as paper can change the way restaurants makes business all over the world. The discovery of thermal paper changed the food industry in a lot of good ways from taking customer’s orders to printing out receipts and guests checks. Thermal paper has also helped restaurants and food shops handle their inventory systems and time clocks by switching into POS systems. This has spared them from all those time-consuming manual devices.

The innovations brought about by this technology product led to an improvement in the industry. More and more companies nowadays are competing to produce high quality paper roll supplies and printers to fit the needs of small and big businesses. Thermal paper has also evolved through time. You can now get them in various sizes, colours and designs. You can event put watermarks, company policies and logos when you customize. During the birth of this technology, it really wasn’t that sensational for a lot of restaurant entrepreneurs. The whole concept was adapted from the use of these papers in fax machines and other printers.

This is usually very sensitive to heat lamps found in most restaurants. Once it is exposed to heat, paper can turn into dark and make it unreadable. This dilemma led to the further expansion which allowed copies to be sent out to the kitchen using another printer.

These are used during the introduction of POS systems in bars and food shops. The systems enabled cashiers to print receipts and order tickets directly from the computer. The kitchen can now conveniently get a copy of the order slip and the using thermal papers eliminating the need of changing ribbons and ink cartridges especially during the busy hours. The greatest challenge happened when these systems started to send orders from more than one printer. Items that were not normally prepared in the kitchen such as salads and liquors were now separated from the main order. They are able to get an accurate inventory of kitchen supplies automatically.

More and more restaurants have switched to these advance systems lately. With this development comes increase in the demand of paper roll supplies. They feature customized paper rolls, guest checks for restaurants, placemats and a lot more.

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