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Color till Rolls: What you need to know

About the Color Till Rolls

Colored tills are becoming popular these days among retailers and other businesses. These rolls are simply standard paper rolls made from dyed paper. They are manufactured in 3 formats these days namely 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply rolls. They also come in different dimensions depending on the kind of POS printer you have. These are used in devices like cash registers, credit card terminals and receipt printers. Till rolls play a major role when it comes to printing of invoices but can also be used in ticket & vending machines, betting slips, kiosks and other machines which gives out tickets and printed information.

Colored till Rolls versus White Paper

Many huge businesses spend a lot of time researching and considering a brand that they would want to enforce to the consumers. Same goes for small businesses and retailers. A lot of stores are more visible to consumers because of their strategic physical location in the high streets.

This strategy encourages retailers to use colors as part of their branding. Take a moment and look at the different shops in your local high street, aren’t all the signage made up of a vibrant play of colors? Many businesses use of these to make their receipts stand out and be a cut above the rest. Color rolls are unlikely to create a huge impact by itself. But as component of the entire branding & loyalty concept, it can help create a good impression of the store and later on improve customer loyalty. Entrepreneur would want their shops to stand out from amongst competitors and generate loyal consumers who frequent the store and spend more.

The Benefits

Colored till rolls can be more expensive compared to the plain ones and even harder to copy making it hard for fraudsters to counterfeit them. Large companies have made within their color specifications based on their brands.

Colored till rolls in small business

The actual cost of colored till rolls would actually depend on your design and the number of rolls you would want to purchase. Bulk orders are of course way lot cheaper. For you to save money for your business, you can also buy common standard colors that suppliers have on hand.

If you run a business that has efficient color branding or you have premium products & services to offer, colored till paper roll supplies may be best for you. Check out Hamco Papers for all your needs.