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Important POS Supplies for your Business

POS Supply & Business

Also known as point-of-sales supplies, POS systems are now slowly becoming famous in many businesses and industries. Restaurants and other food chains can now speed up taking orders and streamline their inventories with the use of this system. You may have noticed a printer in your office or restaurant which utilizes paper rolls to print receipts.

Today, these systems can be customized and accessorized to fit the needs of a certain business. A lot of these accessories need to be constantly bought for the POS to be functional. This can be quite a financial burden to many starting businesses. It would be wise for small-time entrepreneurs to evaluate their system to help them cut cost and save money for the business.

• Employee ID Cards
An employee ID card is among the useful supplies that you can have for your business. ID cards are often blank with a unilateral striped side. These are specially programmed with an employee’s name and contact information and can be used for time in and outs. These cards will also help in manager overrides and track money being handled by each cashier. The good thing about them is that they can reused by old and new employees several times.

• Thermal Printer Paper
The most important supply for your system would probably the thermal printer papers. Modern systems are coupled with at least a single thermal printer. For ink and ribbon printers, standard 3“plain paper rolls are used. Some printers may use carbonless paper rolls on the same side to reduce ribbon & ink changes. Thermal paper have special coats that can react to heat. It is important that you perfectly match the type of rolls you purchase with your POS printer.

• Cleaning Cards
There are cleaning cards designed for the maintenance of card readers, other types of printers, and bill acceptors. They are made up of pre-filled cleaning components for the system’s sensitive parts.

• Toner & Ink
Ink and toners are some of the valuable office supplies that a business must have. Printing of receipts and invoices uses ink ribbons, ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Payroll and inventory functions are often integrated by POS systems so you have to make sure that you have enough ink and paper product supplies for your pay slips, tax forms and other inventory sheets.

Buying the POS and regular office paper supplies should be done in bulk. Do not buy small quatities else you will not get rate benefits. Saving cost on office and printer stationery will lead to better profitability.