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Work From Home Office Supplies

Home Office Supplies Checklist

More and more people are telecommuting and working from home these days. There are employees who prefer to work in the office full time but still wish to extend their overtime hours maybe at home or during the weekend. There are others who work entirely from their home doing individual contractual or freelancing jobs. But there are only very few of them who are able to manage their workloads at home and in the office. It doesn’t matter which circumstance you may be in right now, it would be better if you stuff your home office with the necessary supplies for important transactions. And what better way for you to save money than to purchase wholesale office supplies . Here are some of the must haves for your home workstation.

• Pens, markers and pencils. These stationery items are something that you can’t afford to lack in your home office. It usually depends upon the work you do from copyediting to blueprinting, you will need all these fine point pens, highlight markers and other writing gadgets. If you are a freelance architect, you might need lots of pencils and draft markers. Buy these items in bulk so you won’t have to worry about running out and you get to cash too!

• Quality bond /printing papers. Have a stack of high quality printing papers for documents that you need to submit to your boss or a potential clientele. If your office does allow you to bring in some papers for office work, make sure you use it wisely and only for office related printing activities.

• Reference guide. A thesaurus or dictionary is something handy unless you would prefer to go digital and search online. Make sure you bookmark your most frequented sites.

• Telephone system. A simple telephone system could actually work but sometimes your business may need extra features such as call waiting, call forwarding and a voicemail. Place a small message pad beside your telephone and turn on the voicemail option if you’re not in the house.

• Job log. Make sure you maintain all the records of the projects that you have worked on. Note down all the information you have received, work description and completion dates. Keep track of all your inventory supplies, expenses and other work related purchases.

• Computer supplies. Good quality Ink cartridges are always useful in any office setting. Store an extra supply of toner cartridges in the supply cabinet for you to never run out of printing supplies.

• CDs and other storage devices. Purchase CDs in bulk to get discounted price tags. Make sure you back up relevant files by saving it on a disk.