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Save Cash on Office Supplies

Save Cash on Office Supplies

Times are indeed changing quickly. For a business to run as smoothly and as effectively as possible, it must be ready for the challenges posed by a struggling economy. This can be done with the help of a fundamental computer and some modifications in your firm’s work procedures. This will give you substantial monetary savings in the long run without compromising your company’s overall productivity. Here are some common areas in the office where you can save money:

• Printing cost. Save money on printing costs by purchasing bulk office supplies and modifying your file itself. Utilize your printer’s draft setting and make sure you hit the print preview button before printing any document. Never allow your ink cartridges to dry up by printing colored/ black & white documents at least once weekly. You would also want to proofread the text you want in print and eliminate unnecessary text and images that will only consume much of your ink. Generic cartridges will also save you a lot of cash especially for bulk printing jobs.

• Postage. Printing letters and posting them will tend to sky rocket all your expenses if you are currently have a thousand clients in your database. Instead of emailing newsletters, documents and etc, you can always store them in an ftp site all your clients can download the files they need from their very own locations. For promotional advertising, you can always make use of bulk SMS service. If the mentioned ways are still not possible, then try faxing documents.

• Office stationary. This is a good avenue for you to save money. Try to purchase bulk office supplies and stationary supplies. There are some wholesale suppliers who can provide you with perks such as free shipping or maybe a twenty percent discount on your next purchase.

• Traveling costs. Avoid wasting money, time and effort in submitting and collecting payments or documents to and from your clients. Take advantage of the recent email, SMS and faxing technology.

• Telephone bill. You can start by replacing phone calls with SMS messages for some concerns. This will include short reports for interested clients, short requests, collections and etc. For longer messages, try using email. But there are still exceptions wherein phone calls would still work best.

• Bank charges. Try to avoid cheques if you can. Electronic money transfers and payments will help you save paperwork and time.