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Tools and Technology Must Haves for your Restaurant Business

Tools and Technology in Restaurants

A lot of people are thinking that restaurant tools and technology are only limited to the basic kitchen equipments. But there are other complex tools in the restaurant industry that require careful attention as well. Most eateries are now leasing the way when it comes to credit card transactions and other point of sale technologies. This gives the customers new & exciting ways in terms of customer service and improving the convenience of a great dining experience. If you have ever wondered how food cafes can be so hi-tech, here are some modern technologies common in most food cafes today.

Point of Sale System. This has been one of the newest trends pioneered among restaurant management nowadays. POS systems use touch screen displays which allow servers and cashiers to input orders on their end and send a copy to the kitchen immediately for food preparation. This will eliminated the need of manually calling the order and submitting a hand-written order ticket. POS systems have become more complex these days. They can now segregate tickets and send them to the different preparation stations from a single ticket order from the cashier. Once an order is processed by the cashier, the tickets are then printed out to the grill station, salad bar, fried food station & etc.

POS systems have also been integrated to a stock and clock management. This technology allows employees to clock in & out from any POS terminal with the central computer keeping track of all the worked hours rendered. The server can also track the number of stocks available and will automatically alarm the management in cases where a specific item is running out.

Printer technologies. The printers have gotten smaller and even better with the advent of technology. Many restaurants now use thermal and carbonless papers in printing out orders. This thermal paper roll supplies help most food businesses eliminate the need to use ink printers. There are many paper product distributors available online for all your restaurant and fast food paper products. Some of these advanced printers are even designed to print in multiple colors putting emphasis on the different parts of the ticket.

With the advances in technology these days, each year marks an innovation in the hospitality industry. More and more business are relying on the help of computers and other automatic systems. In a matter of time, the technology that you have this time may be obsolete.