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What is Butcher Paper?

Butcher Paper Rolls

Butcher paper is actually a type of coarse and sturdy paper used to wrap fish and meats. It is widely used among fishmongers, butchers and even crafters. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for many crafting tasks and you have probably seen rolls of butcher paper roll supplies in school and several art departments since it is more affordable and easier to work with. There are several art stores who sell butcher paper and these paper roll supplies can also be
purchased from online paper products distributors across the country. Butcher paper is usually colored white or red and made from Kraft pulp.

The raw material used for butcher paper made up of pulped wood produced from a technique called Kraft process. This is a process that retains the cellulose in wood to create stronger products. The word Kraft is of German origin and literally means ‘strength’. Butcher paper pulps tend to be grainy and coarse since the fibers are more intact. Classically it is brownish in color but it can be bleached and dyed for desired hues. Colored butcher papers are often used as art & crafts projects and several butchers use white butcher papers to wrap their fish and meat products because it looks cleaner.

Butcher paper is often seen as waxed or oiled in order for it to resists leaks. This special kind of butcher paper is especially made for butchers who need to have their fresh meat products that can be moist. A butcher usually wraps fish or animal meat in tissue to avoid directly handling it and the tissue also helps provide further barrier between the meat and the outside environment. Crafting papers are usually made without the wax because the substance can create resistance, making it hard to draw, paint or use other marking utensils on the butcher paper.

Butcher paper is usually available in rolls. Butcher paper rolls can come in different sizes. Many paper products distributors sell dispensers along with these rolls to make it easier for people to handle it. The dispenser is a sturdy bar that holds the paper, along with a jagged edge to pull paper against it and eventually easily tears off a sheet. The paper’s edges can be quite coarse and are left blunt to prevent injuries. Aside from crafts and meat packing, butcher paper can also be used as a plain wrapping paper useful in shipping parcels through mail. Oiled butcher papers can also be used to protect your table surfaces from messy food and other craft projects.

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