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New Year Office Organizing Project

New Year Office Organization

Organizing your very own office does not necessarily have to be your New Year’s work resolution. Creating an even more organized and tidy work space is a must for beginning the year 2011 on the right track. Whether you work right straight from home or in a cubicle in a commercial office spare, appointment setting, thoughtful filing and bulk office supplies can help you get more focused and be efficient while working.

Here are easy office organizing types for you to create an efficient workspace that will contribute to your success and won’t slow you down for the entire year!

• The initial thing that magazines will likely tell you is to shop and purchase items that will help you in office organization projects. It would be nice to think that those nice and cute file folders & storage boxes will solve the problem, but they actually hide the mess behind it. Try to downsize office supplies and purchase only thing things that your office needs on a daily basis. Dump all the desk drawers and wipe your shelves clean and free from clutter. Purchase bulk supplies on the necessary things you need inside your office like pens, printing papers, and etc. The ultimate goal is to have all the things you need within reach.

• Try using digital filing systems. It can happen to anyone- many people often get caught up in the rush of the workday and forget to find time to file several important documents appropriately. If you are a freelancer, it would be vital that you make a file system for each of your clients. You can create sub folders for projects that you have with these clients. Same goes for your transaction invoices.

• Organize a calendar system. Try to make a commitment on using only a certain type of calendar and appointment setting system at work. It is vital that you also stick to it after the plan. If you have enough space, then place desk blotter calendars where you can have directly in front of you and scribble on for important appointments. You may also secure a date book or a wall calendar or better yet, take advantage of a software solution that will link to your emails or mobile phone.

The ultimate goal is to utilize a system that will work for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something technologically impressive, as long as you get all your office task organized, you are good to go.