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Keeping The Worker Happy

About Keeping the Workers Happy

Every day, one person around the world has that one day of regret, why did they come into work today. It’s busy, it’s stressful and it’s a Monday. To make matters worse, his pen has run out. An unhappy employee affects productivity of the environment. An old phrase comes to mind, “a happy worker is a good worker”, a quote from Mr. Burns himself, the rich millionaire tycoon from The Simpsons.

There are easy and simple ways of keeping the employees happy. One way involves the giving of free office supplies to each employee, once a week or once every two weeks. This makes sure that they feel like the boss is looking after them. Of course, it would take a toll on the boss’s wallet. And this is why buying bulk office supplies will be a number one option. This article will list some of the items that are cheap but will make a nice gift to each employee. Good for almost every business or work place.

Time to scribble. Provide each of your workers with pens, pencils or other writing utensils. These are one of the most common items that each employee use and need. Whether it’s signing an important document at the office, or taking an order at the local diner, it’s common and more importantly, it runs out. There are times that employees dread, and from experience, one of them is being unprepared. The quick scramble for a pen, searching every pocket, hoping for a miracle, is an experience shared by many. And an experience quickly eliminated by the supply from the office’s bulk supplies.

Writing on nothing-another moment that a worker dreads to experience. Imagine yourself at an office desk. The phone rings and it’s an important message for the boss. You scramble for the pen; you scramble for the paper, the same paper that ran out an hour ago. Yet another moment that could happen to almost every employee, which could be fixed with the help from the boss. Buying paper, or even post it notes in bulk and supplying them to employees would ramify these types of event.

Giving them these simple items would keep them happy, and leave them with something less to complain about. As Mr. Burns put it, “a happy worker is a busy worker”, so keep them happy, and keep them busy. You want your employees to be more productive at work.