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Resin versus Wax – Ink Ribbons

Ink Ribbons

Thermal transfer printing uses ink ribbons that are made of wax, resin or resin formulas. These are usually coated on one side of a carrier with thin polyester. During the application of heat in the print head, it initiates release of ink from the backing. Once released, it then sticks to a label.

There are black ones also ones that give a good print contrast. This is usually for printing of barcodes and scanning. There are three categories of colors available and mostly in a wide range of PMS-like color spots. However, there are limited printers that are capable of printing more than one color at a time. These only have singe colors that are usually used for graphics.

Adjusting the print head pressure and energy settings can aid in releasing the ink from its carrier. Take note that resin ribbons that prints on smooth, rough surfaces namely polyester will need an ample amount of heat or energy to be released. These can require more heat than wax-based formulas. Printers have various energy controls so you need to test your settings before printing even printing items.

Choosing the right product for your printer may confuse you and take a lot of your time. Electronic imaging will help your selection easier. Label printers are designed differently so printing ribbons are either coated side in or coated side out. There is no difference in the price on either of the two. The price will just depend on the width and length of the roll.

Bear in mind that these must always touch the face of the paper and not the print head. This will cause the ink to melt on the head. This will also create a huge mess and will possibly destroy the head. So as not to get confused with which side the ribbon is facing, put a scotch tape against. The black ink will transfer to the scotch tape from the inked side.

Thermal transfer ribbons are manufactured according to specific printers. They come in various sizes from small to industrial models. Full- size Zebra printers can print large volumes of labels. Data max printers have coated side in and are in 360 meters long.

In choosing the size choose the one with a width proportional or greater than the width of a label. This will prevent uneven head wear. If you have an idea on how many feet are there in one roll, you can now compare that to the number of labels on a roll. By then, you can be sure that you will be able to buy appropriate amount.

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