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Save A lot of Money from your Office Supplies

Save Money from Office Supplies

Many businesses in the United States spend tons of money in office supplies each year like notepads, pencils, pen, paper clips and so much more. Most of these items generally cost little so it may be hard to gauge if your company is paying a good deal out of every purchase. But with a little effort and by completing your homework, that probably involves comparison shopping, your business can save for up to 20 percent of the total office supply cost each year.

Suppliers for Office Items

The product prices greatly vary from one store to another. As a rule of thumb, bulk purchase would eventually give you a better and cheaper deal compared to the retailers. Wholesale suppliers usually buy their inventories in bulk, utilize warehouse stocking and generate huge volume of sales from direct product manufacturers.

On the other hand, mail order vendors play with competition in the market. They use of toll free order telephone lines, customized catalogues and affordable shipping fees. By wisely placing distribution branches all over the country, these online and over the phone vendors can have orders delivered within a matter of two to three hours. This after an order has been placed.

Local dealers were the popular options before the advent of mail orders and superstores. They aren’t really the cheapest places to buy. Their wide array of selections make up for their not so competitive pricing in the market. Local stores serve as good places to find those ‘difficult to find’ products.

Big business with 100+ employees often land with good deals from contract stationers that feature custom pricing for wholesale purchase.

Office Supplies Pricing

Small business that buy office supplies in little quantities. They often find mail order vendors and superstores having the lowest prices. This is because of their financial capability to purchase in bulk. These stores often have losses on these items but make up by charging more for branded items and high margin generic products.

As the office manager, know that you are entitled to negotiate with a contract stationer regarding the prices for frequently bought items. When negotiating the office supply prices be smart. The key is to identify the number and type of supplies that your business needs on a regular basis. Always remember that one of the most convenient ways of reducing office supply cost is to buy items less often.

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