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Green Your Office Supplies

Green Office Supply

Whether you work in a huge company or a home office, office supplies are necessary in running your business. Here are a few ‘green’ business principles that business owners can apply in management and operations.

• Buying office supplies in bulk orders will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run. This will save you from visiting the supply store from time to time thus conserving gas. There are several online suppliers that will even feature free shipping and customer loyalty programs.

• Learn to reuse and recycle packaging. You’ll always end up with a lot of disposable packaging regardless of how huge your orders are. Before even throwing away those packages, consider ways in which you can reuse them. Cardboard boxes can still be used in shipping and moving items around the office> They can be easily collapsed when not in use to save some space. Bubble wraps, packaging peanuts and plastic bags are also efficient in storing and protecting valuables.

• Shop for Product Warranties. When purchasing brand new computers or electronic devices, a warranty may not seem like a pretty nice investment. In the long run, warranties will let you repair your gadgets instead of making you purchase a new one. Warranties cost even much less than buying new items in maybe two to three years.

• Look for scrap. Paper clips may be good candidates for materials that can be reused but eventually many business owners find them as disposal items in the office. There are many steel paperclips these days which can be recycled. These steel paperclips can also be recycled as scrap metals together with steel cans. Pull out a magnet, get those metals out of the office and sell them. Just make sure you won’t let the magnet go near electronic equipments or you’ll get your business into more trouble.

• Monitor your office’s paper usage practices. According to statistics, an employee generates about 1.5 lbs of paper wastes daily in a usual office. Ask your employees to print necessary copies only, use removable stick on labels for cover sheets and set printers to write on both sides of the paper.

• Refill ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones. It would take around a gallon of oil to make a single inkjet cartridge. As a business, you can reduce this amount by refilling your cartridges rather than purchasing a new one time every time. This can also save you as much as 75% of the total cost.

• Establish an office recycling program. This project would eventually divert a lot of landfill wastes and even help your business save hauling fees for office trash.

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