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What are Counterfeit Detector Pens For?

About Counterfeit Detector Pens?

If you want to protect your very own retail business from fake money, then there is one little investment that you would have to make. Counterfeit detector pens are among the supplies that would need in order for your business. This is to avoid being the victim of many fraudulent activities.

Technology has indeed continued to advance through the years and so do the techniques used by many counterfeiters and criminals. The US federal government currently deals with this huge counterfeit money problem as its affects many global economies.

Reasons for you to invest in counterfeit detector pens

• A small meager investment like this would help protect your business’s profit line identify fake money. Do not let your business be fooled by criminals again. Give your business representatives the necessary gadget to be able to determine fake funds before they receive money that has no value at all.

• Nowadays, there can be a lot of tools in the market that will help protect your business from getting counterfeit money. Purchasing counterfeit detector pens is as an affordable and convenient option.

• Buying these will spare you from the anguish of taking fake money thus protecting your business’s bottom line.

• With appropriate training & tool implementation, expect and see immediate results. You need not worry about receiving fake money and at the same time criminals who are trying to distribute counterfeit money will no longer attempt to enter into your store.

Know how counterfeit money detector pens work

These pens makes use of chemical color indicators that will sense trace substances left from the entire paper manufacturing process. Many governments use a special kind of manufacturing process that does not leave any residue chemical at all. Iodine salts and starch are proven to be some of the most common trace substance residues left in commercial papers.

These specialized pens usually contain an iodine-based ink. Unique bank notes are actually printed on money paper based on cotton fibers. These notes do not contain starches that actively react to iodine. Counterfeit notes are usually wood pulp based. Iodine ink reacts to the wood pulp’s starch thus producing a fake mark in the paper bill.

Test mark any part of the bill using a counterfeit detector pen then observe what happens. If you see a brown or black mark, then the money is possibly a fake one. If you see a yellow or gold mark, then that bill is true money.

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