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MICROS Employee ID Cards Long Island

Long Island MICROS ID Cards

These are genuine MICROS cards, available now from the same company that you rely on for HAMCO brand paper rolls and ribbons.  Magnetic stripe cards are used with most MICROS POS Systems to sign-in managers, employees bartenders, servers, hospitality workers and more.  These ID cards have a magnetic strip on the back that can be swiped through a Magnetic Stripe Reader for identification purposes.

  • Our cards are made of the highest quality materials
  • They are inspected on four different readers and verified 100% before they are sold
  • We assure that there are no duplicate numbers and stand behind our product 100%
  • These cards are in stock and ready for immediate delivery

Micros Magnetic Employee ID Cards






Hamco part # MIDC200156-2 packed 25 cards per box – $50.00/box

Ski Zips Retractable ID Card Holder – Long Island, NY

Hamco also offers the “Ski Zips card holder”, a retractable belt holder allowing the user to easily extend the card, swipe the terminal and have it snap back to their belt.  This will end the lost or misplaced card problem during a shift.

Ski Zips Card Holders - Long Island, NY






Hamco # MIDH-SZ001 sold individually $2.00/each

MICROS Employee Swipe Cards – Long Island, NY

Hamco offers next day service for commercial businesses in and around Long Island, NY.  We also serve customers in West Hempstead, Queens, Brooklyn, New York City and the surrounding area.

Long Island Businesses