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To Re-sell Paper Rolls and Ribbons

If you have a business now and are:

  • Selling and/or repairing office machines and printers
  • Selling POS systems to Restaurants and retail stores
  • Selling Credit card installations

And your business is located in New England, New York or New Jersey

You need a Reliable supplier of Paper rolls and ribbons:

We will start you off with small quantity shipments

We will work out prices, up front, that will allow you to grow without penalizing your initial small orders

We will not charge freight, and will ship on pallets so you receive nice clean resellable product

All products will be in Hamco brand boxes guaranteeing consistent quality

Our product line includes a paper roll and ribbon for every printer

Our product line includes many other related products

If you would like to inquire about becoming a distributor, please contact us today.