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What you need to know about Cleaning Cards

About Cleaning Cards

A cleaning card is developed for various card readers that are used for payment and other authorization transactions. Millions of ATM and credit card transactions are being processed everyday and dirt often build up on these cash machines. Cleaning cards make it easier for banks and other companies to clean their machines even without dismantling all of its components. Each is equipped with a special technology that utilizes the concept of friction. Companies often purchase them in bundles just like any other bulk office supplies to save money.

Benefits of Cleaning Cards
• They help provide longer lasting equipments and reduce your company’s capital expenditures. The cards are indeed very cost effective for your business. They don’t cost that much and yet are proven to be efficient in so many ways. Repair expenses are significantly reduced with the regular use.

• They help in decreasing your maintenance cost. They are considered to be the fastest and most efficient maintenance person in the office. A good thing about it is that it can easily be taken from your cash register. If in case your POS card reader starts breaking down, all you need to do is swipe a cleaning card on the machine. According to studies, about 80% of read errors can be corrected by swiping a this card.

• They help reduce fees from many erroneous transactions. Credit cards would highly depend on whether a certain transaction is processed through a swipe or if it was keyed in. If it is being keyed in instead of having it swiped, there is increased risk for fraudulent transactions that is why fees can reach for up to 3 percent annually. It would be nice to clean the reader and help people save their money.

• They are a great way to reduce equipment downtime. You don’t have to wait for a new equipment to get installed once your current machine breaks down. A company’s transaction equipment can often be repaired by cleaning cards in just a matter of seconds. Most machine failures are caused by dirt and only needs to be cleaned to keep it functional again.

• They can help improve customer/brand loyalty. Customers are always in the lookout for fast and easy transactions. Maintaining your thermal printers clean is indeed very vital in making fast and accurate transactions.

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